Two Thieves in Deadwood

Two Thieves in Deadwood-160x240

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Delilah’s husband was shot dead by a crooked man that still hasn’t faced justice. She misses him dearly, but with little left to her name, she’s getting desperate. After overhearing a plan to rob a stage coach of its gold, Delilah decides she’s going to do something she’s never done before.

She succeeds in stealing the gold right out of the hands of the coach robbers under cover of darkness. But while she is finding ways to lighten her guilt, the men want the gold back – after all, it was their heist.

John never wanted to rob a coach, but somehow he let himself get talked into participating. But now that the gold was taken right out of his hands, he wants revenge. He didn’t risk his freedom to come this close and fail.

These two thieves have eyes on their own futures, but with gold in the mix, neither is going to give in.

And when they team up, they get more than they bargained for!

Set in Deadwood, Dakota Territory in the late 1870s, this is part of the Brides of the Gold Rush series that is based on the early days of Lead and Deadwood, South Dakota.
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