Park Friends


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Three great stories about friendship and adventure

A chapter book with three great adventure stories featuring fun animal friends. (140 pages)

Meet Gary, Tabby, Thomas, Heath and the whole bunch, as they have fun adventures and make new friends.

1 – In Gary the Grey, Tabby lives in the park but likes to explore the city. Gary the house cat is suddenly alone and nervous. When Tabby invites Gary to join the park friends, he finds a world that he is not used to. When danger begins to lurk, what’s a house cat to do? Find out as Gary and the park friends band together to save the day.

2 – The Park Thief: Old friends come and things start missing. Gary is the new guy and everyone begins to think it must be him. But Gary’s shiny collar is stolen, too. Gary wants one thing – to get his collar back. And it will take solving the mystery of the missing things and the help of friends to do it.

3 – Save the Park: The Park Friends wake to a beautiful spring. But things might not stay that way. The park is scheduled to be torn down! The Park Friends need help and Gary and Tabby have a plan. It’ll take a big effort to save the park – and humans! Banding together with an unlikely friend, the Friends hope for the best.

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