More Precious than Gold


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Catherine and her mother and sisters are destitute and without hope. In a desperate attempt to ease some of the burden and maybe even help out, Catherine turns to the mail order brides newspaper and answers the ad of Stanley Covel. Stanley owns a very successful gold mine in the Dakotas and would be happy to send money to support the family once they are married. Could this be a dream come true?

When Catherine finally arrives in Lead, no one is there to greet her. Finally, a kind, handsome stranger offers her a warm jacket. But when she mentions Stanley, the warm reception freezes and it’s all she can do to get a place for the night.

When Stanley turns out to be no Prince Charming, she can’t help but think of the handsome miner, James, that gave her his Union shell jacket for warmth.

James doesn’t need a woman. He’s there to find gold, and is in the employ of one lousy Stanley Covel. But, meeting Catherine has softened his heart. James knows he can’t provide for her like Stanley can, but he can’t stick around and watch the perfect woman marry a man like Stanley Covel.

When James leaves town, Catherine is determined to keep her agreement to Stanley and do it for her family.

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