Forest Friends


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Three great stories about friendship and adventure

A chapter book with three great adventure stories featuring fun forest animal friends. (140 pages)

Meet Billy the bobcat, Maple the chipmunk, Russell the stag deer, Hazel the badger, Freddy the fox and the whole bunch, as they have fun adventures and make new friends while dealing with trouble, adventure, and sometimes even bad attitudes. They learn a thing or two about being friends.

1 – In Neighbor Problems, Billy and Maple are not being good neighbors. Hazel is tearing up the forest floor looking for roots. Sid’s leaves start disappearing from his den. What’s going on? Has everyone in the forest gone wild? It’s time to settle things down and learn how to be good neighbors.

2 – New Adventures with Old Friends: Freddy used to live in the forest and be a wild adventurous fox. He’s come back to visit and take some of the young animals on a wild adventure to the frozen lake. New adventures bring new troubles and someone gets lost.

3 – New Friends and Danger: There’s a new family in the forest. Hooray! But there’s something else new in the forest. An intruder who wants to take over the forest and kick everyone else out. The forest friends need to run and find their extended friends and family from all over yonder to ask them for help. Can they bend together with family and friends to overcome this problem?

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