Finer Than Gold

Finer Than Gold160x240

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Colleen Mary has just arrived in Lead. Arriving with her sister, who has come as a mail order bride, Mary only desire is to become a doctor. Within minutes of arriving, terror strikes as the cart wheel of the wagon behind her breaks, causing the horses to drag the broken wagon toward the wooden sidewalk.

Only Ryan, a recent newcomer to town, has the courage to stop the horses. But his leg is injured badly and he is losing blood. Mary acts quickly and puts her medical knowledge to work and saves Ryan, who may never walk right again.

After saving Ryan, Mary is more determined than ever to go to college and become a doctor. But Ryan has determined he has found the love of his life.

Mary must wrestle with her life long desire to be a doctor, and her new found interest in a fine, brave man who loves her. When Mary is finally accepted to a school in New York, she is faced with her most difficult decision.

Finer Than Gold takes us back to Lead, Dakota Territory in 1879. A companion book to More Precious than Gold, a clean, western, mail order bride, romance.

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