Coconut Chronicles: Burglar


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In the quaint little beach town named Coconut Grove, all was going so well. Sam McNeil, 30 and perpetually single, finally has a girl friend and a nice relaxing life near the beach. His good neighbor Walter, 50 and widowed, is finally dating again, too. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

But suddenly, this quiet little neighborhood is plagued with burglaries and some strange goings-on.

Walter suggests they do a stake out. What?! It’s the last thing on Sam’s mind, but Walter won’t let it go. Hiding in the dark like a couple of rookies, they catch the burglar in action – they’ve solved the case. But have they? Within minutes, the suspect is dead and Sam and Walter need to figure out what to do next and who or what killed the burglar, without being implicated in the whole mess.

And when the burglaries haven’t stopped, Sam and Walter slip into the night and concoct a plan that involves a little breaking and entering themselves, another stake out, and a foot race to justice.

A clean, fun, mystery adventure – an almost tropical mystery.

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