Caffiene & Killers


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A homeless man has been hanging outside Roasted Love in the mornings.

As Barista, Laila Rook doesn’t mind that Homeless John comes into Roasted Love to get a free cup of coffee and hang out for a few minutes. He’s a nice guy and tells great stories, and his mission in life is to help those on Skid Row get off drugs. He’s just a guy down on his luck and she’s happy to befriend him.

In fact, everyone seems to enjoy having him around – that is, except the councilman who has vowed to rid West River, New York of all the homeless.

When Homeless John is found dead for a drug overdose, Laila’s the only one who thinks something is rotten. Laila determines to find out what.

She’s bound and determined to find out what the Councilman might be hiding in his campaign office, and she dares to go into the underworld of Skid Row to find out who John really was and who might want him dead.

When a dealer she meets on Skid Row turns up dead just like John, she’s more certain than ever that she’s on to something.

Everyone she meets has a story to tell, and when she gets a mysterious warning, she know’s she close to figuring out what’s going on, but can she figure out who it is before she ends up dead, too?

This is a stand-alone story in the Roasted Love Cozy Mystery Series

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