Two Thieves in Deadwood

Anything can happen in the rugged and rough West of the Gold Rush era. What happens when you steal a thief's gold? You get hunted down. Two lost people discover something more valuable than gold when they discover their fight for the gold is really a fight for a better life.

Caffiene & Killers


Buy on Amazon A homeless man has been hanging outside Roasted Love in the mornings. As Barista, Laila Rook doesn’t mind that Homeless John comes into Roasted Love to get a free cup of coffee and hang out for a few minutes. He’s a nice guy and tells great stories, and his mission in life Read more ›

Coconut Chronicles: Ransom


Buy on Amazon Sam and Walter are at it again in this clean, fun, very tropical mystery in the Caribbean. This is a stand-alone story in the Almost Tropical Mystery series. Sam is branching out as a writer. He’s finally got a gig with a travel magazine – and it means going to the Caribbean. Read more ›

Two Thieves in Deadwood

Two Thieves in Deadwood-160x240

Buy on Amazon Delilah’s husband was shot dead by a crooked man that still hasn’t faced justice. She misses him dearly, but with little left to her name, she’s getting desperate. After overhearing a plan to rob a stage coach of its gold, Delilah decides she’s going to do something she’s never done before. She Read more ›

Finer Than Gold

Finer Than Gold160x240

Buy on Amazon Colleen Mary has just arrived in Lead. Arriving with her sister, who has come as a mail order bride, Mary only desire is to become a doctor. Within minutes of arriving, terror strikes as the cart wheel of the wagon behind her breaks, causing the horses to drag the broken wagon toward Read more ›

Coconut Chronicles: Burglar


Buy on Amazon In the quaint little beach town named Coconut Grove, all was going so well. Sam McNeil, 30 and perpetually single, finally has a girl friend and a nice relaxing life near the beach. His good neighbor Walter, 50 and widowed, is finally dating again, too. Life doesn’t get much better than this. Read more ›

Hot Coffee, Iced Santa


Buy on Amazon In a few days, Laila will be flying home to visit her family for Christmas. But she’s finally sitting down to a nice dinner with Daniel, the cute paramedic. But before they can get two bites in, a scream echoes from the kitchen. There’s a dead Santa in the freezer that the Read more ›

More Precious than Gold


Buy on Amazon Catherine and her mother and sisters are destitute and without hope. In a desperate attempt to ease some of the burden and maybe even help out, Catherine turns to the mail order brides newspaper and answers the ad of Stanley Covel. Stanley owns a very successful gold mine in the Dakotas and Read more ›

A Cup of Murder


Buy on Amazon It’s been a rough week for Laila Rook, the barista at Roasted Love, a community favorite indie coffeehouse that serves coffee in ceramic cups and features art from local artists on the walls. A new upscale chain coffeehouse, Sunrise, opened across the street, and Laila’s customers are leaving. The owner of Sunrise, Read more ›

Forest Friends


Buy on Amazon Three great stories about friendship and adventure A chapter book with three great adventure stories featuring fun forest animal friends. (140 pages) Meet Billy the bobcat, Maple the chipmunk, Russell the stag deer, Hazel the badger, Freddy the fox and the whole bunch, as they have fun adventures and make new friends Read more ›

Park Friends


Buy on Amazon Three great stories about friendship and adventure A chapter book with three great adventure stories featuring fun animal friends. (140 pages) Meet Gary, Tabby, Thomas, Heath and the whole bunch, as they have fun adventures and make new friends. 1 – In Gary the Grey, Tabby lives in the park but likes Read more ›